The Sandhuz Exim Fresh Vegetable Exporter / Supplier

The Sandhuz Exim Private Limited is an Indian enrolled exchange house. Since the beginning we have been scaling new statures in the matter of Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables,Frozen Vegetables,Spices and Poultry products.We are constantly making things that give purchasers precisely what they’re looking for.Key to our extraordinary achievement is our item quality , its bundling and its shell life.

The Sandhuz Exim have top tier structure which is outfitted with each and every fundamental rigging to carry out our responsibilities adequately. We have all the in-built workplaces for auditing, orchestrating, pre-cooling, cold amassing, and admission from convey and the close by business sectors essential.

The Sandhuz Export house bargains in a wide range of agro items. The vegetables which we flexibly dominatingly are as per the following;

The Sandhuz exim send out house offering karela or the green severe gourd is requested everywhere throughout the world for one of a kind flavor and the lavishness of supplements. Indian karela has numerous helpful utilizations and is generally utilized in elective prescriptions to treat numerous illnesses. Today, we are considered as a real part of the main exporters of new unpleasant gourd, situated in india. The newness of the unpleasant gourd is guaranteed by the compelling bundling done by The Sandhuz, which keeps up the high caliber of the vegetables on the way.

Assortment : MEDIUM and BIG SIZE

SIZE : 18 CM TO 25 CM


The Sandhuz providing brinjal – (Eggplant )- (HS code – 07099920)

The Sandhuz Exim is acquiring gigantic award in the global market for giving new brinjal. The brinjal is accessible in completely developed size and the shading is standard that affirms the newness. Meeting the particular prerequisites of the organization is likewise occupied with managing of different assortments of brinjals that incorporates eggplant. To give security to the new brinjal, regular bundling is given. The Sandhuz exim bundling gives insurance against outer contaminants and changing climatic conditions. The organization is recognized as one of the prime new vegetables producers, providers and exporters from india. Besides, the potential purchasers are encouraged with the accessibility of the brinjals at sensible cost and inside specified time period.

Highlights :

no pesticides

phenomenal purple shading

ranch new

cleanly pressed

Sandhuz Exim are offering bottle gourd (Lauki )- Hs code – 07099920

One of the most established developed plants on the planet, bottle gourd is a climbing plant which bears hard-shelled and bottle-molded gourds as natural products. This scrumptious vegetable is likewise known by the names of container squash, calabash gourd, doodhi and lowki. A rich wellspring of nutrients, iron and minerals, it is a fantastic eating routine for individuals having stomach related issues. Since it contains low calories, bottle gourd is a wonderful staple for shedding additional calories and keeping up ideal wellbeing.

For quite a long time, a wide scope of societies all through the world, have utilized this yearly plant for various purposes. Scientists have found container gourd’s remaining parts from mexican caverns dating from 7000 bce. Hints of this gourd have likewise found close to egyptian burial chambers having a place with the fourth thousand years bce. Indeed, even today, its prominence chart is flooding up and bottle gourds are broadly utilized for getting ready numerous delightful plans. At the point when dried, this assortment of gourds are utilized as a jug, utensil, or channel by numerous individuals all over the globe.

Assortment : MEDIUM and BIG SIZE



The Sandhuz exchange house are offering new Cabbage (HS code – 07049000)

Cabbage (brassica oleracea or variations) is a verdant green or purple biennial plant, developed as a yearly vegetable yield for its thick leaved heads. Firmly identified with other cole crops, for example, broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts, it plunges from b. Oleracea var. Oleracea, a wild field cabbage.

Cabbage heads for the most part extend from 0.5 to 4 kilograms (1 to 9 lb), and can be green, purple and white. Smooth-leafed firm-headed green cabbages are the most widely recognized, with smooth-leafed red and crease leafed savoy cabbages of the two hues seen all the more once in a while. It is a multi-layered vegetable. Under states of long sunlit days, for example, are found at high northern scopes in summer, cabbages can develop much larger.The Sandhuz exim is providing it to worldwide on customary premise.



Assortment : MEDIUM and BIG SIZE

Sandhuz likewise offer Fresh Cucumber.

Cucumbers famously referred to in India as ‘khira’ and gherkins are a piece of the cucurbits assortment of harvests broadly developed in tropics, subtropics and milder calm zones of India predominantly as a plate of mixed greens crop. It is being developed in the nation for very nearly 4000 years and is eaten crude, salted or cooked. The Cucumber and Gherkin is a sneaking plant that establishes in the ground and grows up lattices or other supporting casings, folding over backings with slender, spiraling ringlets. The plant has huge leaves that structure a shade over the natural product and so forth.

Accessible with us is an excellent Cucumber that The Sandhuz fare to numerous nations. Sandhuz Exim make accessible for our customers two assortments in our stock one for pickling and other for cutting. Best to eat in summers, our whole scope of Cucumber is new in quality and wealthy in dietary substance. At our end, we ensure that every one of these vegetables are secured from a portion of the believed ranchers of market who practice natural cultivating.

Shading : GREEN

Size : 18 TO 25 CM

Assortment : MEDIUM and BIG SIZ

The Sandhuz exim are offering green stew (HS code-08072000)

the hot and hot trademark has made the green bean stew perfect to be utilized in different indian dishes. The green stew gave by Sandhuz Exim isn’t just utilized for culinary reason, yet in addition serve to different medical advantages. In advertise, one can benefit a tremendous assortment of chillies. To meet the particular prerequisites of the purchasers, green new chillies are effectively accessible in the market at pocket well disposed costs.

Sandhuz Exim offers new scope of green stew that contains high nutrient c, potassium and iron. Generally utilized in practically all vegetables and pickles to make it hot, our new green chillies upgrades the flavor of each dish. These indian chillies are additionally low in fat and cholesterol and contains high fiber. We procure these new chillies straightforwardly from ranchers and store them in standard quality virus warehousing office to keep up its newness. Besides, we are offering it at truly reasonable arrangements and consequently we are figured as the most solid green bean stew exporters and providers in india.

Culinary employments of new green chillies

the hot and fiery flavor gives spot to the green new bean stew for different culinary applications. Some of them are as given beneath:

green new bean stew is utilized as a vegetable in different indian just as worldwide cooking styles.

For planning of stew sauce, pizzas, rolls, and so on., green bean stew is cleaved and utilized for embellishing or preparing.

Additionally utilized as a fixing in soups, bean stew sauce, hot water, vinegar-zest blend, and some more.

In south india, the green stew is absorbed yogurt and dried under daylight. This is utilized as side snacks during supper

Assortment : SMALL and MEDIUM SIZE

Shading : GREEN


The Sandhuz are offering Fresh Lemons.

LEMON – (HS CODE – 08055000)

The Sandhuz Exim is giving best quality Lemon. The Fresh Lemon, offered by us, broadly requested in the residential just as universal market as they locate no option as far as quality and newness. To fulfill the worldwide quality guidelines, we source the Fresh Lemons from solid merchants. The Freezing Green Lemons are additionally stuffed cleanly to ensure assurance from outer contaminants and change in climatic variables. Different assortments are additionally accessible to meet the particular necessities of the purchasers. What’s more, we are enrolled as one of the amazing Lemon Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters from India.

Highlights :

Succulent taste

Without hurtful pesticides

Contains Vitamin-C

Cleanly stuffed

Shading : GREEN AND YELLOW : SIZE : 45MM TO 55 M

Sandhuz Exim are offering red onion (HS code – 07031010)

The Sandhuz Exim is broadly acclaimed in the market for giving a gigantic exhibit of onions. The cluster incorporates white onions, red onions, and yellow onions to meet the particular prerequisites of the purchasers. The organization is presumed as one of the front line new onions producers, providers and exporters from india. The onions are in immense interest as these are utilized for the planning of different foods. The nourishing realities likewise make onions perfect for different medical advantages. All the new vegetables are furnished with present day cum traditional bundling that gives insurance against climatic changes. In addition, the moderateness and opportune accessibility have expanded the worldwide requests.

Detail for new onion (hs code: 07031010)

type : picklepodisubigbellarykrishnapatnam

shading : redwhiteyellow

size:pickle : 25-35 mm

podisu : 20-25mm25-27mm

defectives : < 3 %

enormous : 40-5050-6060-70″

under size : 20%

over size : 15%”

skin : doubl skin

spoiled : 3%

harmed : 3%

growing : 1%

Selected Value: 1